Wishing Well International Foundation operations and activities are funded through Corporate Sponsorships and Donations from companies wanting to be involved in the effort of providing clean, safe, drinking water to developing areas throughout the world.  The goal is to maintain operational expenses down to a minimum therefore funds raised through Corporate Sponsorships can be utilized directly for projects in the field.  If after you become a Corporate Sponsor you wish to become a Fundraiser and invite friends and family to donate, you may do so by clicking on MyWishingWell™ icon at the bottom of the page.  100% of public donations will be used for ongoing projects.

Platinum $ 2,500 and up annual donations
  • Platinum Donor Foundation Certificate
  • Appearance in a banner with logo and quote from a company Principal in the Foundation Home Page
  • Appearance in a dedicated web site page for Platinum Sponsors with linked logo and contact information
  • Listing in Platinum Sponsors section of the directory with contact info and logo graphic linked to their home web site (Logo must be provided)
  • Platinum Sponsors are automatically considered as candidates for the foundation annual Board of Directors selections.
  • Recognition via the Platinum Sponsors poster banners in all foundation events
  • Added recognition via photo and video documentaries

Gold $1,500 to $ 2,499
Silver $750 to $1,499
Bronze $500 to $749
Donor $250 to $499



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